E’s second birthday party – lots of images

7 09 2009
Super E!

Super E!

For E’s birthday last year, we got her a cute birthday hat. I knew this year there is no way she would wear a hat. Not for all the animal crackers in the world. So at 10:30 the night before, S and I whipped up this superhero birthday cape. I will post more about that later though…


I don’t know what this face is, but it’s the messiest she got with her cupcake. Such a fastidious eater. Daddy made her peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles and gummy bears. Daddy doesn’t like to sleep at night. He also likes lots of noise.


Daddy blew up this great pool we got for $7 on the Target 75% off clearance aisle. The outside of the box leads one to believe the pool is much much larger than it is. It’s the TARDIS of pools! Um, only backwards. Alright, nevermind.


It was big enough for rough-housing and I guess, in the long run, that’s all that really matters. Z and A had a good time in the pool; I thought it wouldn’t be large enough for them.



I made sure all the kids had enough bubbles, so between the sprinkler, the pool and the bubbles, everything was soaking wet. Here A is “sneezing” bubbles. Goofball.

No, she didn’t get charcoal for her birthday. I just never moved it before I took the pictures. Oops. Also, keep in mind, she opened her other presents at home that morning. Next year I will buy her less, her grandparents definitely have this covered.

Her very own potty! Mommy would really love it if she would use it right away, please? Unfortunately, I have a feeling she will take this slowly, so I will have to have patience.

E was very careful to read all the cards. Her uncle gave her these adorable purple shoes that are just screaming for a dress made by mommy.




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