Saturdays, Super Sales and Seven-Up Sandwiches

7 09 2009

GAH! I would swear I posted this last night. Well, I guess I still have to learn wordpress still.


OK, so they weren’t really sandwiches, but the family had them for lunch, and I like alliteration. I wanted to make a different type of pancake and I ran across one that called for 1/4 cup of the liquid to be Seven-Up. I personally didn’t have any because I hate pancakes, but everyone else seemed to like them.

Then it was on to the sales!
I got all this fabric and the ribbon for 30 cents. That’s at least 4 dresses!

All this, which includes 2 different twin sheet sets, for $2. Also at this sale I got a HUGE box of Xmas wrapping paper and bows and boxes for $5. I’m so excited I don’t have to shop for Xmas paper this year! I’m done already.

My oldest child learned the art of bargaining. He came away with a backgammon case, a tennis racket, two toys, a jewelry case and something else for $3 and since it was his allowance I let him do the shopping.


You geeks will totally get me on this one. I got all this, plus a CD of how to speak Klingon, two Futurama posters and original blueprints of the USS Excelsior for $6. Yeah. That was a kick ass yard sale. I wish I had more money, he had a ton of Star Trek/Star Wars comics.

To make the day really complete, we finished wrapping E’s birthday presents, made the cupcakes, packed the car for church and birthday party and best of all — the bloomers I made fit her. I’ll post photos soon, probably after the 2 year old birthday party photos.

Hurrah! Life can be really good some days. But wish us luck tomorrow…




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