The Days are Just Packed

4 10 2009


I love this photo. S is drawing a maze on a breakfast in bed type tray free-hand. He is so amazing at that. I wish I had had a chance to take a photo of the finished product, but I never even saw it before it went off as a belated birthday gift. A and E saw S “coloring” and wanted to join in.

Yard sale treasures


How great is this! I had been wanting a small “plastic” or whatever it is Xmas tree for a decade. My timing was perfect as I grabbed it before she finished putting the “free” sign on it (nicely though, of course. I didn’t yank it out of her hands or anything). With a toddler, two boys and two cats, this is going to be perfect for an out of the way tree. And it was free!


$1.50 for 4 yards of this beautiful creamy flowery fabric. I think I found my purse fabric! While I was distracted with piles and piles of amazing fabric, Z was up to his usual yard sale magic. I turned around and he has this 5 inches from my face…


“It’s a lemon shark mouth”, he tells me matter of factly. He’s a smart guy and usually right, plus he had this mouth of shark teeth pointed at me, so who was I to argue?

“He caught it himself!” Z continued, “he wanted $5 for it but I talked him down to $3.”


I did it, I made them all matching pj pants. At one point I didn’t think I was going to be able to figure out Z’s but hurrah! I got a twin sheet set at Target for $10 (not a thrifty find to be sure, but I liked the car pattern) and used one sheet, so 3 pants came out to $5.

Mini Golf


This is how we spent part of Saturday. I think A won.


I have no idea what was so funny, but I love candid shots such as these.

Sneak Peek
I hesitate to post without knowing how it’s going to turn out but here’s your sneak peek.


A’s special day

23 09 2009


I try to give each child some “special time” alone with mommy whenever I can swing it. It takes some intense planning at times but it is so worth it. Especially for A. He was the baby of the family for 6 years and then all of a sudden he had a baby sister. It was a surprise for all of us (most of all me!) but it set him back a bit.

Since Z had a church event and S didn’t have to work, I asked him to have some time with E. Then A and I were off to the park!


There is always at least one person flying a kite or two at this park but we’ve personally never had the opportunity. It was a windy Sunday, a little too windy for lightweight kites, but we took a chance.

A was so excited, he had been wanting to fly his kite for ages. I really feel bad that it took us this long. I packed a blanket, which never got sat on, two kites, water and my camera.

The mighty kite man surveys his handiwork

The mighty kite man surveys his handiwork

At one point, I noticed a 3 year old boy watching A intently. Since A had the kite up in the air so well, we let the little boy fly it for a while. His dad said we made his day; the boy had always wanted to fly a kite!

We spent an hour or so flying two different kites. One, a cheapie Yoda kite, couldn’t stand the wind, so we gave up on it. We hit a yard sale on the way home but didn’t find anything special.


What better way to end a special day than with a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit?