This is where my sewing failures and successes go to shine.

My ramblings and ravings about my latest sewing projects. Also, since I got into sewing as a way to save money by making our own clothes with a possible eye towards maybe someday getting good enough to open my own Etsy, this is a good way to keep track of how much this hobby is costing me.

As of October, 2009, these projects come to a total of $1.90. Add $5 to that for the practice garments I make before I go for the real thing and $2 for a few fat quarters I bought when Joann’s had them on sale. Oh and I totally splurged and bought this fabric for $10, which should make 2 or 3 pieces for E. So grand grand total is $18.90.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how I can keep track of this easier, some widget I don’t know about, it would be so greatly appreciated! Now, on to the sewing!

The Projects

k4 10/1/09 a Firefly/Serenity Kaylee inspired outfit for E.

9/29/09 My expensive practice peasant shirt.

prettysitting 9/17/09 My first large-ish project, men’s shirts turned into a toddler swing skirt.

9/14/09 A few shirts and dresses I made in a weekend of frantic sewing.


9/5/09 E’s superhero birthday cape; seems to be a favorite all around.


9/4/09 My first real sewing project I think in a year or two I will laugh at it, but for now I’m still proud.


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