Happy Birthday, Jim Henson.

25 09 2009

If you’re my age, Jim Henson is likely your own personal god. He probably shaped the way you learned, how you looked at the world, what you laughed at. He created some of your best friends.

I’m celebrating his life’s work today with the kids, watching The Muppet Show. I’ll leave you with this fun article, In Honor of Jim Henson’s Birthday, Five Things Mindblowing Muppet Revelations.


Super Brothers

10 09 2009


These super brothers are S, on the right, my husband and T, on the left, his little brother. The photo was taken at E’s birthday party. I have no idea why they are wearing matching sombreros, mardi gras beads and Superman T-shirts. I really don’t.

There is quite a large age difference between the two and they always have seemed to have more of a father/son relationship than brother/brother. Sometimes S is the father, but sometimes it’s T. They really don’t have much in common, but they look out for each other and care about each other.

T, who has had his pilot’s license for something like 2 years now, has been accepted to the Air Force. We are all so excited and proud of him! He leaves for basic next week I think? Not so sure, as he wasn’t sure last time I talked to him.

I need to learn about the Air Force now. I’ve had close friends go into the navy, the army, the marines… this is a new one to me. I asked my mother-in-law what I could send to him and all she knew was, “no dirty magazines”. Damn.

More pillowcases and tennis

5 09 2009

Z's first tennis lesson

Z's first tennis lesson

Today Z started tennis lessons, so we all had a little picnic at the park. He was very excited about it and did a good job.

A was awesome at keeping E happy. He’s so great with small children.

And I should show you my newest creation, a “pillowcase dress” I made using fabric I bought at a “going out of business sale” over two years ago and have been waiting for something to use it on. Everyone really liked it!


I took the fabric and made it into a tube then followed the original tutorial. I used bias tape on the bottom and leftover fabric for the ties. I have more so I’ve been trying to make bloomers but I’m failing miserably. Any hints?

This is going to be such a busy weekend, 2 year birthday party, labor day. My goal is to do some sewing and some blogging, however little, every day. Please encourage me! I need help and I’m really doubting I can sew at times.