E’s Fall Fashion Tips

5 10 2009

tutu copy

I’m a big fan of giving kids choices and letting them learn from poor choices while they are young and the consequences for said choices are relatively small.

I always make sure that the choices I offer are something I’m OK with, for example, clothing. I’d never give them the choice of a garment I don’t approve of. And the younger they are, the less choices they get; E gets choices of two outfits, Z gets choices from his entire wardrobe.

All this to say: even though E is barely two she has her very own interesting “personal style”, as Tim Gunn would say. So I imagine that if she had her own fashion blog, it would look something like this:

tutu copy
Wearing jammies outside the house is usually a no-no, but pair it with a tutu and some colorful boots and you’re ready for any grocery store “runway”.

A nice pair of silky jammies are great for lounging around the house.

Make each garment your own! Is the back of the collar more exciting than the front? Turn the shirt around and refuse to let your mother button you up the correct way, she obviously has no idea about fashion.


Why wait till Halloween to wear your costumes? Any day is dress up day!


Don’t be afraid of color. I had fun putting this outfit together. Mommy didn’t think I needed the shrug too but little did she know it made the outfit!


A good coat is also critical, even if you live in California like I do. Grandpa picked this one out for me so it’s a little big, but it’s kinda like a coat dress so I wear it anyways.


And just in case you think I am immune to fashion no-no’s, if your diaper is showing, your dress is too short!


Hair this fall is long, flowing and curly. Unless your mother insists on putting it in pigtails.


Boots are a must have for any fall wardrobe. Make sure you have one sensible pair and one crazy colored pair for more fun looks.


A girl can never have too many shoes. My poor unfashionable mother only has 2 pairs! Too bad she doesn’t get hand-me-downs like I do!


Really, you can never have enough shoes.


I’ve had these earrings since I was 3 months old, some classics never go out of style.


Don’t forget, a lightsaber makes any outfit complete.


That’s all from E, I hope you enjoyed my fall fashion tips.


A’s special day

23 09 2009


I try to give each child some “special time” alone with mommy whenever I can swing it. It takes some intense planning at times but it is so worth it. Especially for A. He was the baby of the family for 6 years and then all of a sudden he had a baby sister. It was a surprise for all of us (most of all me!) but it set him back a bit.

Since Z had a church event and S didn’t have to work, I asked him to have some time with E. Then A and I were off to the park!


There is always at least one person flying a kite or two at this park but we’ve personally never had the opportunity. It was a windy Sunday, a little too windy for lightweight kites, but we took a chance.

A was so excited, he had been wanting to fly his kite for ages. I really feel bad that it took us this long. I packed a blanket, which never got sat on, two kites, water and my camera.

The mighty kite man surveys his handiwork

The mighty kite man surveys his handiwork

At one point, I noticed a 3 year old boy watching A intently. Since A had the kite up in the air so well, we let the little boy fly it for a while. His dad said we made his day; the boy had always wanted to fly a kite!

We spent an hour or so flying two different kites. One, a cheapie Yoda kite, couldn’t stand the wind, so we gave up on it. We hit a yard sale on the way home but didn’t find anything special.


What better way to end a special day than with a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit?